miss simplicity

My name is Jody Williams. In addition to being a Low Level Laser Therapist at Laser Solutions, I am a Home Tidying Consultant with a background in Interior Design.

I am certified through the KonMari Training Program with Marie Kondo, “the Queen of Tidying Up”. My Tidying Consultant services are listed below. Join our facebook group “The Clutter-Free Home Project” for encouragement and support in your goals of decluttering and simplifying your home.




Home Tidying Consultation

Initial Consultation is a 60 minute meet and greet. We will discuss what projects you have and what your goals are. We will then tour the space(s) you desire to declutter and organize.

I will follow up within one business day by phone to discuss a proposed project plan, give an estimated timeline and budget to achieve your goals.


 IN home tidying LESSOns

A tidying lesson is a four hour block of time where I work side by side with you to complete your project.

During the lessons I will guide you through the process of decluttering, organizing and teach you simple ways to keep your space tidy.

(Number of lessons need will be determined ahead of time.)





30-60 minutes presentation……

The clutter-free home project