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Jody ~ smoke free since 2006

I quit smoking with the help of  Laser Solutions in the beginning of 2006. I can not believe how much this process has changed my life. I originally went through the Smoking Cessation Program so my husband and I could start a family. Never would I have guessed that shortly after I would have career helping others do the same.

What I have learned the most through helping everyone throughout the years is this....WANTING to make a change in our lives is not always the key to success... It is knowing WHY we want to make the change that is so important. The WHY is emotional. It is close to our hearts. The WHY drives us, motivates us and leaves us with NO excuse not to go all the way.

Everyone's WHY is always different when they come into the office.  Knowing, and reminding ourselves throughout the process of change can truly make all the difference.  We can do anything we put our minds to.  We just have to start with WHY we want to make a change in the first place. 

jeff ~ age 57~ Pain Management 2018 

"I came to Laser Solutions because I had many aches and pains. I knew the pain was from all the years of being a painter but I needed some relief. After going through the Pain Management Program I can say that I feel so much better. I can turn my neck with no pain or stiffness, I can now even sleep through the night with out the discomfort of my elbow bothering me and my calves feel so much better.  I continue to paint everyday at work with much more ease. I am thankful for the relief the laser has given me."~Jeff  

ANONYMOUS~ AGE 87~ Smokefree since 2013

"I am 87 years old. I have smoked since I was 12.  I never gave it much thought to quit but at the age of 87 smoking started to catch up to me. With the help of Laser Solutions I was able to let this habit go. I am amazed as I have smoked for most of my life. "


other people share their whys....

It is always awesome to hear WHY clients are making a change in their lives. There is always a reason behind their want.

 "I want to quit smoking to have more time with my kids."

 "I am about to become a Grandpa and I want to be around for this little guy."

 "My daughter is getting married and I want to look and feel my best."

 "I want my wrist to feel better so I can golf again."

"We want to quit smoking to save up money to go on a big trip" 

We are all always striving to improve ourselves in different ways for different reasons. Whether it is for our mind, body, soul or a loved one.  Growth and positive change is amazing and makes us feel good.

Many times our change may not only benefit us but the people around us as well.  In many ways we can all inspire one another to greatness. I can not tell you how many times we hear in the office "If my friend/relative do it so can I." 

 Share your success stories so that we can all inspire each other. Be the best that you can be! 

This page is ever evolving check back for more stories or to see your own!
— Jody Williams